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Keto-SA has a Carbon series shake aimed specifically at athletes that follow the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) approach and with optimal combinations of the right ingredients including Casein you get a protein release of up to 6 hours that is able to repair those muscles after your intense training sessions.

Whether you are a racing snake on a bicycle or the weekend warrior looking to finally follow an approach that will make you lose that fat, the Carbon shake will do just that for you, combined with Revolutionfit’s EMS training you will maximize your performance guaranteed.

If you are tired of constantly drinking protein shakes and feeling hungry, the Carbon shake from Keto-SA is ideal in keeping you full as the right amounts of fats will achieve that for you, with seriously low amounts of carbohydrates.

This is the ideal product to use to train your body to use fat as fuel as it’s much more readily available in the body and will carry you much further to successfully complete that endurance event.

Carbon Series – Keto-G Meal Replacement – R620

Carbon Series - Keto-G Meal Replacement Shake for Athletes
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slow release protein


fast release protein

EGG Yolk

better protein absorption

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